Which agents would be the best solution for boosting your rank in Apex Legends

Apex is one of the most popular projects in the battle royale genre and what makes it unique is, first of all, not only dynamic and fast matches with a large number of weapons, but also agents with unique skills that will help receive boosting in Apex Legends within leagues and divisions.

You need to survive in matches and shoot more opponents so that the system understands that you are ready to try a stronger league, or are worthy of remaining in the current one, because if you often lose and die in the first stages of the match without having time to destroy anyone, then your progress will be on the contrary, it will degrade, but it will also be easier to play.

To improve your gaming experience, you need to master the technique of correctly selecting a landing point, be able to quickly find weapons for the first battles and navigate the map in order to always be in a safe narrowing zone of the gaming arena.

Which agents should you consider and why


Start your journey and boost your rank in Apex Legends with one of the most self-sufficient agents – Lifelane.

This is a combat medic and drone master that is great for solo and squad play.

If you play by yourself, then you will be able to create first aid kits for yourself and restore health without searching for medicine, and for a group game you will be able to direct drones to lift an ally instead of having to do it manually, maintaining combat potential in a critical situation, which is not available to other agents.


This is a mobile and tenacious hero that beginners will like because it allows you to make mistakes, and there will be a lot of them in the early stages.

Octane will be able to constantly regenerate his health when he is not taking damage.

Additional enhancements will be working with cartridges and increasing their strength, as well as movement speed – something similar to adrenaline.


This is a full-fledged attacking hero that will allow you to really change the course of the battlefield and adds good chances for boosting to Apex and good places in every match.

You will be able to direct artillery strikes – choose a point at which three shells will fly, and if the enemies do not take any action, they will simply die, but this is a loud and bright skill, and sometimes you need to act secretly, or use another skill of the hero.

You will be able to lay smokes that will limit the enemy’s visibility for your attack and will hide the attack with artillery if you decide to use it.

You’ll use the Running Speed Booster to significantly increase your sprint and be more active and decisive.


This is a large character with the largest set of skills to protect himself and his allies.

He has two types of shield:

  1. Activated when you switch to aiming mode and protects you from direct hits to the head, reducing overall damage.
  2. Activates independently and gives the effect of all-round defense from most attacks and shots of enemies, and covers you and allies who will be in its radius.

Gibraltar will also have an artillery attack effect that can be aimed at enemies, causing them damage.


This is a secretive hero who can always leave a battle if it ceases to be beneficial to him.

You can literally go into another world, which will deprive you of the opportunity to attack, but at the same time prevent enemies from harming you.

You will be able to install two portal points that can be activated at any time and freely move between them at any time in the match.


This is a hero-hunter who always senses the presence of enemies around and can figure them out based on their tracks.

This is a full-fledged combat class that you cannot hide from, and you can use the full potential of reconnaissance and study of the territory so that your boosting in Apex Legends is stable and thoughtful, with full control of the map if you so desire.

Conclusion on choosing a hero in Apex Legends

Apex is a dynamic project and in addition to shooting and survival, you need to master key characters whose skills will bring you bright victories and disappointing defeats.

You can choose an agent based on your game tactics and select from scouts and fast agents, first-class shooters with massive damage, a defender of yourself and your allies, or characters with good resources to survive in any conditions and restore health without searching for first aid kits.

Always keep playing matches even after a losing streak, because you need time to master the survival and shooting tactics, as well as the skills of the game characters you like.

Try not to change characters all the time, because you need to form your pool of heroes and only then expand it with new ones.

First, take a simple hero like Octane, and then master others. At first, it is better to give priority to safety and survival, then gradually add riflemen and combat agents who will direct the artillery.

If you still don’t know how to properly land and shoot, then even the most combat agent will not help you, but health regeneration can allow you to make gross mistakes without a fatal outcome. Lifeline or Gibraltar will help you thanks to good defense and regeneration, but Bloodhound should be mastered later, because it requires a good gaming sense, although it sees the movement of enemies on the map.

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